Keeping Life Moving.

The Challenge

Stringent global emissions regulations. Higher vehicle efficiency requirements. Immense challenges for manufacturers. Only the strong survive.

EControls technology enables our customers to win and enables clean transportation all over the world.

At A Glance
  • Heavy-Duty On-Road
  • Boost Recirculation Valve (BRV)
  • CFV® (Continuous Flow Valve)
  • EGR and Fuel Metering (EFMA)
  • EGR Measurement (EGRO)
  • Electronic Throttle
  • Intake Manifold Module
  • Sensor Package
  • Wastegate Contol Valve (WGV)
  • Application Design Consultation
  • Application Tuning
  • Base Engine Design Support
  • Base Engine Development/Consulting
  • Emissions Testing
  • Engine Calibration

EControls didn't just offer a conceptual solution to the air and fuel control issues at Cummins, EControls had a working concept in a matter of weeks with on-engine data to demonstrate the actual improvement possible with an EControls designed system.

When the time came to develop an all new engine and control system to meet stringent China VI emissions requirements, Yuchai turned to EControls for our advanced technology and our rapid development and integration capability.

The Process

Question Everything

Testing to a specification isn’t enough. Developing products that robustly deliver near-zero emissions and survive the harsh demands of a heavy-duty truck environment require thinking outside of the specifications as only EControls can.

Rapid Design

By the time prototype tooling is available for a typical OEM program, EControls can deliver production-ready parts. Our deep experience in the industries we serve, our ability to leverage simulation tools, and our massive toolbox of proven mechanical, electrical, and software subcomponents enable the development of new assemblies and systems in record time. We validate those new systems using a disciplined regimen of accelerated testing to ensure successful field tests and production launch.

Collective Development of
Game-Changing Engines

We don’t just design fuel systems. We can - and often do - provide base engine design guidance to ensure the end product exceeds customer expectations. When our customers win, we all win.

Clear a Path

EControls runs fast and enables customers to be first to market. Our systems can be tailored to meet current and future emissions requirements with fast-acting hardware and highly configurable software. Through a team approach, EControls works intimately with our customers to rapidly calibrate and introduce products to multiple specific end markets with varying requirements.

On The Road

Proven technology with heavy-duty reliability. EControls systems are changing the world and cleaning the air.

Products Developed

Revolutionary Fuel Control

Typical fueling devices respond within 100ms. The CFV® (Continuous Flow Valve) responds within 10ms while precisely measuring mass fuel flow.

Leveraged Platforms

EControls worked seamlessly with our customer's engineering team to develop a customized intake manifold for direct delivery to the engine manufacturing facility.

EGR Flow

High-precision EGR measurement is paramount to engine performance and protection.



Simplified Service

Eliminated Need For Fuel Filters


Industrial Engines

In the Field with EControls Solutions


Heavy-Duty Engine Models

OEM Collaboration to Optimize Base Engine Design


OEM Heavy-Duty

Natural Gas & LPG Systems On Road

Relentless Support. Ongoing Investment.

Moving forward doesn’t mean that once a product is handed off to production, a customer becomes a line item. We are partners with a mutual interest in the end-customer’s success.
That’s why EControls has never lost a customer since its inception.

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