Heavy-Duty On-Road Trucks

Natural gas-fueled trucks provide an alternative to traditional diesel-fueled medium and heavy-duty trucks. Low operating costs and readily-available refueling infrastructure drive a rapidly growing Natural Gas Vehicle market in Asia. Near-Zero emissions capability drives a strong and growing Natural Gas Vehicle market in North America and Europe. EControls systems have enabled manufacturers to make the switch from diesel to natural gas with industry-leading engine optimization tools and high-fidelity engine controls.

Our global engine development labs and engineering staff offer full-range support, from design guidance for base engine conversion to hardware, software and engine calibration to meet each application's specific requirements. EControls designs world-class, full-authority engine management systems for major OEMs around the world.

Material Handling

Since its inception, EControls has provided robust and durable controls technology for emissions-certified internal combustion engines. The material handling market has a critical need for clean power systems that also enable high throughput, long maintenance intervals, and safety. EControls has met this need with multiple generations of fuel and engine controls systems, now totaling over 1 million deployed units.

Electric Vehicle Technology

Li-ion technology is the solution for the industrial market. As an electric power platform, Ethium is an integrated, robust power solution well-suited to many applications. Plug-and-play battery modules use common core controls strategy to redefine the industrial power unit market.

Power Generation

Power generation engines keep critical systems operating, and EControls engine control systems keep them running.

Our engine control system is robust over a wide range of fuel quality, temperature extremes, and altitudes. Our systems operate on both LPG (propane) and natural gas and can switch while running automatically, over CAN, or manually using a switch. Our patented EPR operates with very low-pressure fuel, often referred to as ‘wall pressure’ that a gas stove runs on. Elimination of additional fuel compression, required by traditional fuel injection systems, significantly reduces cost and complexity for our customers.

Recreational Marine

We provide gasoline engine controls to offer complete flexibility for seamless boat integration, optimum engine performance, and maximum power. Our custom engine control modules allow for ultimate control over marine engines, and our custom wire harnesses ensure that all the elements of the boat are connected without faults or shorts.

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