Message from the President

KennonGuglielmoEControls has a long history of innovation and customer satisfaction in the engine control industry. Since 1994, EControls has been designing, building, and supporting world-class engine control and instrumentation products worldwide. Today, EControls offers OEM customers access to extensive and premier engine control expertise – packaged into a custom solution for their products.

EControls offers a truly turn-key approach to product development and production supply. From electronic hardware and software customization, wiring harness design, actuator selection, sensor selection, EMI and environmental qualification, emissions testing and certification, production process engineering, and product delivery to customer support, EControls stands out among all other companies in the world. These services are typically provided to customers in less time and for less cost than other larger companies require simply to specify a system on paper. This is not an exaggeration – but the result of carefully assembling a world-class team of highly talented professionals in an environment where they have the resources needed to make things happen.

I truly believe that EControls stands above other companies in this industry. As we continue to grow and evolve as a company, we will never forget the ideals that have carried us to our current success – innovation, reliability and customer satisfaction.

Kennon Guglielmo, Ph D.