UEGO Sensor Controllers

prod_uego_modulesThe Universal Exhaust Gas Oxygen (UEGO) sensor is a useful device for engine development and engine fuel control purposes. This sensor is sometimes referred to as a wide-range or wide-band oxygen sensor, since it can measure the equivalence ratio of the combusted fuel-air mixture over a wide range and not just at stoichiometry, like conventional switching oxygen sensors.

UEGO Experience

  • EControls has built UEGO sensor control circuitry since 1994.
  • Provided the first truly lean-burn closed-loop spark-ignited natural gas on-highway engine control system.
  • Designed and manufactured a variety of UEGO products, both as subsystems within the ECM and as stand-alone sensor controllers.

UEGO Controller Features

  • Precise control of fuel trim valves, power valves, or auxiliary fuel injectors for specialized engine applications
  • Advanced fuel control strategies, in combination with UEGO sensor feedback, provide unmatched closed-loop fuel control accuracy over a wide range of engine operating conditions.
  • Compact and rugged by design
  • Meet or exceed stringent OEM standards for heavy-duty engine applications
  • Convenient PC interface provides the user with programming, calibrating and monitoring capabilities of select controller functions.