Air / Fuel Delivery Systems


The accurate control of both the air and fuel flow is of the utmost importance to the regulation of the power produced by the engine, and to the exhaust emitted by the engine.

EControls has extensive experience and expertise in the selection, design and production of both air and fuel delivery components and systems. We offer several products for this purpose, with application to gasoline, diesel, propane and natural gas fueled engines.

Fuel Injection

  • Specialized fuel metering blocks
  • EControls provides the selection, packaging and testing of metering valve assemblies using PWM fuel injectors from several suppliers.
  • TBI (single-point) and MPI (multi-point) metering valve blocks are available — with pressure sensor, temperature sensor and shut-off solenoid options available

TBI System

  • Fully-integrated air and fuel supply system
  • For engines utilizing small intake manifolds
  • Ideally suited for upgrading carbureted engines to fuel injection, such as for forklift trucks or airport tugs

EPR Products

  • Electronic pressure regulators
  • Controls fuel delivery for the precise fuel metering necessary for optimum combustion, fuel economy and transient response.
  • Designed to regulate fuel pressure above the mixer inlet pressure
  • Provides sufficient control authority to stall an engine either rich or lean, and for full fuel shutoff.
  • Can achieve better emission results than injection technologies in most cases
  • Can easily handle low pressure natural gas applications


  • A complete line for LPG, CNG & LNG
  • Available for engine sizes ranging from .5L to as high as 22L.
  • Incorporated in EControls’ EPR systems, but can be used in other open loop and closed loop applications


EControls can also provide an electronic drive-by-wire throttle to fit your application.